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Gerçi Onun Yüzünü Hiç Görmedim(Although I Never Saw His Face)

Although I never saw his face
So beautiful bestowed with grace
My heart just yearns to be like him
Although I never saw his face
The Sunnah of the Prophet I will embrace
Prayers and blessing I pour onto him
Although I never saw his face
He loved the children and the old
Gave his heart to every soul
Nursed the sick and served the poor
Fed the hungry at his door
Loved the creatures tame and wild
Comforted the orphan child
Bid men peace, cared for the youth
Allah’s Messenger in truth
So with devotion I do read
His life of which I try to lead
No deed is mine except is his
Although I never saw his face
Muhammad is his blessed name
Called for Tawhid when he came
He was honest, very kind
Greatest teacher to mankind
Brought us guidance so complete
Taught us how to pray and eat
Always practised what he knew
Never strayed from what is true
While in the sunnah you’ll recall
Are detailed teachings for us all
And no more Prophets there will be
For he’s the final one you see
His life he was prepared to give
At Uhud, Badr, Ta’if
Brought to us holy Qur’an
Very heart of our Islam
On the plains of ‘Arafat
Gave last sermon for Ummah
Passed away in Madinah
Lived only to worship Allah

  • Zain Bhikha
  • 11 Kasım 2014 tarihinde eklendi.
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Zain Bhikha

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