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Here I Am(Ben Buradayım)

Lately I have been wondering so
Wondering ’bout what do I know
About this life and where do I go
After I die, how can it be so?
That some people say that it all ends
When into my grave I descend
But how can my aim of heaven be flawed
When my only wish is to be with my Lord
Oh Lord, here I am, pleading at your door
Send me Your mercy, send me Your peace or I am lost for sure
Oh Lord, here I am, yearning for the / your cure
This humble servant will be diverted from you no more…no more
And so I was called to the places my Lord
The places my Lord has blessed for all
Joining the millions that day I walked
For my eternal salvation I sought
And standing before him with all I have
two empty hands and a humbled man
I pledged my very life to Him, Oh Lord, here I am

  • Zain Bhikha
  • 12 Kasım 2014 tarihinde eklendi.
  • tarafından eklendi.
  • 332 kez görüntülendi

Zain Bhikha

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