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Allahu, Allahu, Allahu, Allah.
Allahu, Allahu, Allahu, Allah.

Mawla mujhe Ameen ke qadmo(n) pe chala
Is-dunya me(n) jhitne ka, yehi hay rasta
Lord, labour me in the footsteps of the Amin
This is the road to success in this world

Mawlaya famnahni tuqan wa yaqin
Li ahya bidini, ma’al ‘alamin
My Lord, so bless me, with your awareness
And with certainty
So I can come to life through my Din
With the rest of creation


There’s a light that still shines from
The faces of those near
In the night they will stand and cry
In hope and in fear

Nothing in the world can ever
Turn their hearts away
From the calm of surrender
They find when they say


As-subhu bada min tal’atihi
Wal laylu daja min wafratihi
The light of dawn shone from his face
And the night darkened by his hair

Hay nur-e-sahr chehre se tere
Aur shab ki raunaq zulfo(n) se
From your face is the morning light
And from your hair is the beauty of the night

Nazeel Azami

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