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Ali Kaçan-Greetings To You

Oh, dear of my heart’s hope
Be a remedy for my trouble.
I offer you a fresh love
That many do not have.

Tune is me; voice is me
Nightingale is me; Üveyik is me
The servant who is addicted to your love is me
Hold my hand, Ya Muhammed

You are the light of Allah; you are our leader
Habiballah is the reason why the servant prostrated
Greetings to you

You are the Allah’s Burhan, Habip, Halil, Tahir
You are the Zakir who is Zahid is you Resulallah
Greetings to you

Allah who loves His Muhammed
For the sake of His Muhammed
Oh my Allah, make me live and die
With the love of the prophet Muhammad

We aspire for love
We see Him as a leader
We’re pretty steady on His way
Make us lover of Ahmed.

Our primary prayer is Him, our constantly mention is Him
He is the best, he is the jewel in the crown
Greetings to him

Habiballah, Rasulallah, greetings to you Nebiyallah
Who comforts us with his love, Halil-i Allah
Greetings to you

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