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To Guide You Home

thirsty as a desert’s pain
i miss your touch like pouring rain
when clouds come in they cry all night
and give me tears to fill my eyes
the footprints that you left have stayed
above the sand beneath the waves
long after time has let them go
i’ll wait for tides to guide you home
dizzy as the tea i brew
my mind stirs round with thoughts of you
and like the melting sugar cubes
you disappeared and left me to
your face and form is all i see
in silhouettes of scolding steam
at night the kitchen candles glow
and shine a light to guide you home
küçələrə su səpmişəm
i have thrown water into the street
yar gələndə toz olmasin
my beloved is coming, so there must not be dust
elə gəlsin, elə getsin
let her come, let her go
aramizda söz olmasin
but let there not be words between us
far away and all alone
i trust in stars to guide you home

Sami Yusuf

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